FutureMusicCorp is one man and his computer. One day after upgrading his PC he started wondering if the extra horse-power could be used for something other than making pretty pictures with PaintShop Pro.

Although having long had an love of music, he had never got around to learning to play a traditional instrument but the low-cost and sheer new-ness of using a soundcard and software appealed so he bought a Yamaha Waveforce card and immediatly knew he had found his vocation (again).

Almost the next thing he did was rip out said card and buy a Soundblaster Live instead as he read about the wonders of soundfonts. A midi keyboard followed and there’s been no stoping him since.

Dispite having yet to get any formal training in hitting keys, he manages to wrest the odd coherant tune from his head. Luckily he’s turned this lack of chops to his advantage – he writes ambient and soundscapes. Forms of music where you can get away with quite alot. A few lessons might’nt hurt though…
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