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New Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

beyerdynamic-770dt-proIt was about time. I have been using the Sony MDR-7506 for so many years now. I have never had headphones that have lasted this long. Very high quality and such an accuracy in the sound, all that for a very reasonable price! However, during the last couple of years, the ear pads have started to peel off, and the wiring is so close to create issues as it has definitely been under some tension and stress, now almost near the breaking point.

I have replaced them with Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro. They are a bit more expensive than the Sony, but they are a well wroth investment. So much time I spend with headphones on and mixing music, I need that perfect blend between being comfortable on my head, reproducing sound accurately and also not break my bank account. And I am very happy with my choice.

I let them have some time to break in, and they are still in that period. The cushioning on the ear pads is so soft and comfortable and they give me much less of that “sweaty ears” feeling after hours of use since they breather better and also can absorb some of that moisture which many headphones in this price range don’t do. Some are leather or something that is supposed to look like leather, and they make your ears feel sweaty quickly.

The pads also allow for plenty of room for your ears. In some headphones your ears feels like they are getting squeezed together to fit in there. There is no such thing in the DT 770 Pro. They are just right for my ear size and shape.

The sound is perfect for my use. I don’t need a pair of headphones with powerful bass or something like that. That’s for people who like to listen to music and feel the beats and the bass. The point of a good headphones for anyone who works with audio, such as a music producer, is to accurately reproduce sound. So they are more balanced, and lets the listener hear all the frequencies and can compose music that sounds like how they think it should sound.

I highly recommend these headphones for anyone who is looking for the professional type but don’t have a too high of a budget. These are a great bang-for-the-buck type of headphones.

You can read more reviews of them, buy them or watch a video review of them below.

Arturia’s new minilab mkII

I just learned that Arturia has released a new controller. Musicradar just wrote an article about the updated MiniLab MIDI controller. This is a portable version and called mkII. It is meant for people who have less space or those who prefer to be on the move when they are creating music.

The good old design is a thing of the past. Nowadays it is all about a modern and sleek design. It looks quite impressive even though it has 25 keys, and the 8 pads are lit and 16 knobs. However it has kept some of the old design with the mod wheels and pitch instead of strips.

Included with the new controller you would get a Ableton Live Lite and good software with it. The pricing is currently at around $120 right now.

You can have a closer look at or look at the announcement video: